The New, Adorable Electric UPS Trucks

May 22, 2018

arrival electric ups truck

UPS has teamed up with electric vehicle manufacturer Arrival to roll out a “pilot fleet” of electric delivery vehicles in London and Paris. The new light-weight EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, 150-mile battery range, and advanced safety features.

And also – they’re adorable!

But they’re not just a pretty face. The aesthetic design also serves as a safety feature. The curved edges give the UPS drivers a wider field of vision, allowing them to have a better awareness of cyclists and pedestrians. This is part of the Arrival’s focus on equipping the new vehicle with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that improve safety and reduce driver fatigue.

UPS certainly isn’t the first company to roll out electric vehicles with the hope of reducing carbon emissions, especially in the United Kingdom and France. Last year, both countries made promises to ban all their fossil-fueled vehicles from some of its major cities by 2040 for London, as well as 2030 for Paris.

UPS has a long history with electric vehicles, having first introduced them into its fleet in the U.S. in the 1930s, and reintroduced modern EVs in 2001. Over the past decade, UPS has invested heavily in sustainable technology. It has invested over $750 million in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. It has more than 300 electric vehicles and 700 hybrid electric vehicles deployed in Europe and the US. Its also to be noted that UPS ordered 125  Teslas fully-electric Semi trucks, but as we reported last week (episode 224 for those playing along at home), that project may not see the light of day.

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