Walmart Launches Mobile ‘Check Out With Me’

November 08, 2018


walmart check out with me

We can all agree that one of the worst things about bricks and mortar Christmas chopping is the lines.  Walmart is one store that’s looking for ways to help you get your holiday shopping faster.

Soon you’ll be able to check out at Walmart without going to a register. Walmart’s new program is called ‘Check Out With Me’, and will enable customers to pay for items directly with Walmart associates using hand-held devices equipped with a Bluetooth receipt printer and stationed around the store.  The cellular device works as the barcode scanner and the credit card swiper for the transactions.

The intended strategy is to help customers quickly and easily pay for cumbersome items like Christmas trees and big screen TVs without clogging up checkout lines. A Walmart spokesman told NBC News that the new checkout process is not limited to any particular items.

The program which began November 1 will be slowly rolled out in coming weeks and will be available in all Walmart Supercenters by Black Friday.

The retailer says it’s not hiring additional staff for Check Out With Me, but will use existing employees for the service.

Also in time for the holidays is an enhanced store app that allows customers to pinpoint the locations of items instore, right down to the exact position in the aisle. Walmart also announced plans to offer free shipping for items priced $35 and up, and in mid-November will launch a program allowing customer return items purchased online to physical Walmart locations.

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