Walmart Launches Motile, a Tech Accessory Line

February 08, 2019

walmart motile accesories

Walmart calls it “smart accessories for an untethered world.”  It’s a private label line of tech accessories under the brand name “Motile.”

The products include items like backpacks, cases, and purses to carry your technology as well as power banks, wireless Bluetooth speakers, mice, and keyboards.  The products are sleek and stylish while priced competitively.

Walmart is targeting Millennial and Gen Z consumers with products touting Vegan Leather construction.  If you don’t know, vegan leather is an artificial type of leather made from polyurethane instead of coming from animal hides.  It feels like leather and can be adapted to a broader range of colors and finishes than the real thing.

Walmart joins other retailers in jumping into private-label businesses in an effort to differentiate its product lines and compete with online retailers like Amazon.  Target has launched 20 private label brands, including Heyday which offers more than 150 tech accessories. Amazon itself now has more than 80 private-level brands spanning both niche products like pet carriers to broad consumer categories like paper towels.

These private label brands have come a long way from the generic brands introduced first in grocery stores in the 80s with inspired names like Cola, Beer, or Beans.  Today’s private label products rival top manufacturers and often carry lower price points.

Companies like Walmart, Target, or Amazon have bigger incentives to make private label brands successful.  It carries higher margins and avoids commodity price shopping because the product line is unique to its store.  If it’s a hit, there’s only one place to get it.


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