Walmart Offers Free Opioid Disposal Product

January 24, 2018

walmart dispose rx

The opioid abuse epidemic has gotten progressively worse in this country. One retailer is stepping in to help.

Walmart will soon be offering a drug disposal product to pharmacy customers as part of an effort to combat the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic. The disposal kits will be offered for free.

The concept is to offer a safe way for customers who no longer need their opioid-based prescriptions, or fear that others may try to abuse the medications, and would like to dispose of them in a safe manner.

The product is a powder called DisposeRX. When mixed with warm water and the leftover medications in the pill bottle, it forms a solid that can then be thrown out safely in the trash, without the risk of contaminating groundwater, its maker says.

Repeated tests have been unable to extract opioids from the resultant solid after the powder is mixed with the drugs, DisposeRX’s CEO John Holaday said.

Small packets or DisposeRx will be given automatically to anyone filing a description for Class II opiods at any of the retailers 4,700 pharmacies.

The move comes nine months after the Cherokee Nation sued Walmart and two major pharmacies, Walgreens and CVS Health, along with large drug distributors, for allegedly profiting by “flooding” Native American areas in Oklahoma with prescription painkillers.

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