Walmart’s Personal Shopper Service For Rich Moms

January 03, 2018

Walmart continues to explore ways to reach
new customers. Their tech incubator ‘Store No 8’ is reportedly in the early stages of piloting a shopping service aimed at wealthy New York City moms according to a recent blog post at Recode.

The target customer of the project, named “Code Eight” is described in an online job listing as a “high net worth urban consumer” – not what you traditionally think of as Walmart’s target customer.

The personal shopping service is currently focused on items in health and beauty, household essentials and the apparel/accessories categories. Users order products simply by texting a photo of them. Customers can also message with a general request for a type of product they need and leave it up to the service to pick the specific item for them.

Household items are delivered for free within 24 hours; other purchases are delivered within two business days. Returns are picked up for free at a customer’s apartment building or house.

The effort is one of the first services to emerge from Walmart’s startup incubator which earlier this year tapped Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Fleiss in New York City to lead Code Eight with a focus on personalization using artificial intelligence.

Part of the “Code Eight” project is a project dubbed Project Kepler, which is working on the development of cashierless stores, much like the Amazon Go concept. Walmart is envisioning a similar system that would potentially eliminate the need for cashiers in stores outfitted with the technology.


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