Behind the Mic

Bart Mroz

Co-Founder/CEO of SUMO Heavy

Bart is the co-host of The eCommerce Minute
and Co-founder/CEO of SUMO Heavy.

A face made for radio, blood made of coffee.

John Suder

Creative Director at SUMO Heavy

John is the co-host of The eCommerce Minute
and Creative Director at SUMO Heavy.

He’s got a heart full of gold and a belly full of Ramen.

The eCommerce Minute is your daily dose of eCommerce, Tech and Retail news.
The show is published Monday thru Friday at 4 am, and is broadcast on

You can also subscribe to 'eCommerce Minute' wherever you listen to your podcasts.

The eCommerce Minute is a production of SUMO Heavy, a digital commerce consultancy in Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

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