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The eCommerce Minute is an experimental podcast Bart and I started in June of 2017. The idea began when Bart discovered the Anchor audio platform. is a personal radio station that you can use to broadcast short form audio or music to your friends and fans. We were drawn to the format since it has a low barrier to entry – there’s not much more to it than launching the app and talking. We also liked that the audio segments couldn’t last more than five minutes, giving us an opportunity to share information on a daily basis without having to worry about scripting or editing or the other heavy lifting that goes with traditional long-form podcasts. It also allowed us to experiment, since anything posted to Anchor expires after 24 hours.

Each day we report on current news in the eCommerce industry, as well as tech and retail news. One day we’re talking about Amazon, the next day we’re talking about drone deliveries in Sweden.

As we began recording more shows, we refined the format, adding intro and outro clips, following a scripted format and exported the shows for podcast listeners. I began creating show art for each episode and announced the show through our social media channels. We got serious – we even bought proper microphones.

By the end of June, we decided to continue doing the show on a daily basis (Monday thru Friday) and began publishing the daily episodes to an RSS feed. Now you could subscribe to the show in your podcast app of choice, without having to worry about missing the show on Anchor that day.

Next Steps/Future

The next step was to set up this website so that we can publish and archive each episode and provide show notes for listeners who want to learn more about the topic of the day or listen to older episodes.

As we enter our 6th month of podcasting, we’ll continue to refine the format and try new things. In the next month, we’ll be rolling out several special long-form podcasts of topics that don’t fit into our five-minute format. We’ll also be archiving our shows on YouTube, giving our listeners a new way to enjoy and share our content. We’ve also got a mailing list. Subscribers get an email each day with a link to the show with full show notes and content links. Subscribe here.

On the technical side, we’re now using a dedicated hosting platform for the podcast episodes called Simplecast. We’re now able to see stats of downloads and see how and where people are listening to our show. It’s been a pleasant surprise, to say the least, to see the data from last week and a half. So far, we’ve got listeners from the US, UK, Columbia, India, and Ireland. 97% of our listeners download the show (vs. listening via Anchor or in the browser). Using this data, we’ll also be able to tell which shows are more popular than others and tailor our future shows accordingly.

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us up at, use our fancy contact form, or connect with us on social media (@sumoheavy).

Thanks for listening and keep on shopping.

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